Automatically encrypt emails using WKD and Postfix

January 16, 2022

Web Key Directory (WKD) is a relatively new way of distributing public PGP keys. Rather than using a central and public key server where anyone can submit keys to, WKD leverages the HTTPS protocol by publishing the public keys in a .well-known directory on the recipient's domain name. This post is a small guide on how to configure automatic encryption of all outgoing emails using WKD and Postfix.

GNU Privacy Guard

EdgeOS setup with Mullvad VPN

January 10, 2022

I use a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite on my home network, which has two LAN ports. I configured one of the LAN ports to forward all the traffic through a VPN tunnel to Mullvad, while the other LAN port continues to route the traffic normally through my ISP. This post explains how I configured this.